God That Makes The Impossible, Possible

We have a powerful and loving God that looks at us as his children.  Our God is the creator of all things and there is nothing that is impossible for his power.  For there is nothing that is more powerful than the one True God.  Just take a moment and think about the power to be able to speak creation into existence.  The song “So Will I” says our God that has no reference that was there before the beginning of time.  God that spoke and galaxies were formed, planets came into existence.  There is no one or anything else that has the power of creation, only our wonderful, amazing God.

The word of God never comes back null or void, God is always faithful and keeps his promises.  When we seek God and we hear his promises they will be returned but we must keep our faith and trust in God.  When God makes promises he does not say that we won’t hit rough spots along the way, but the word says that we keep our Faith and believe that God will be there at the end and in the middle.  In Matthew 14 is the story of Jesus walking on the water.  In this story Jesus tells the disciples to get in the boat and to go to the other side.  This are instructions, and with these instructions he does not say the sailing will be smooth, he just instructs them to get in the boat and go to the other side.  Does not Jesus do the same thing with us in our lives?  That is where faith steps in.  When Jesus sent them to the other side he implied he would meet them on the other side.  They had just seen Jesus feed the 5,000 with a few fish and some bread.  Yet doubt still stepped in when the seas were rough and they saw Jesus walking on the sea.

As I have gone through life there have been many times that I had to get in the boat and sail across the sea.  On those journeys some of them have been smooth sailing and others have been on rough seas.  However, when I have hoped on what God has told me and I keep my faith that he is good to his word and that all of his promises are AMEN, I have made it to the other side.  Jesus never tells us that things will always be rosy and uneventful on our journey through life.  But he does tell us to keep on our Faith in him.  When we keep our eyes on God then in the middle of the storm the path that seemed impossible suddenly becomes possible.  Suddenly there is a solution, a ram is provided for the sacrifice because you trusted God and his word just as God did for Abraham.

I have watched in my own life God turn the completely impossible that I could see no solution at hand.  But when I stopped trying to do it on my own.  When I stopped and humbled myself to the Lord God.  When I called out in my brokenness that I can’t do this but you can.  When I surrendered control over to the higher power of God.  Then light would begin to shine on the storm I was in.  The winds would calm, the seas would calm and I could see Jesus standing there taking control.  Reminding me that he never breaks his promises.  I have openly said to God I know you will provide a way and suddenly there was evidence that he was listening as I watched things change suddenly before my eyes.

Life is full of storms, trials and tribulations.  Some of them are small and some of them are enormous.  But this I know God can make things change that seem humanly impossible.  When we surrender our control, God will amaze you every time. Sometimes we look with expectation for a major change when we should be celebrating with thanks and reverence the small things that are happening, that will lead to the major change in our battle.  I speak of these things from experiencing first hand the ways that God has done this in my life.

I should not be amazed but every time I am.  I can see time after time that God has brought a solution and breakthrough.  But, first I had to surrender my battles to him.  I have had to learn to trust on the Lord, to go to his word that tells me he is faithful and he is always good to his promises.  Time and time again God shows his Glory, Love, and Grace as things change on this journey of life.

I watched in 2012 as I was looking for a job clear across the country and trying to sell my house.  I put my faith in God, and I prayed every day that he would make things happen.  Then on the day that I declare “I have Faith that you will provide a job and that you will sell my house”, I received a job offer and I received an offer on my house.  Yes it took 6 months instead of my 6 weeks but God was faithful along the way and I always kept my faith.  In 2015 when my husband and I said God we will go where ever you send us, we trust you and will go no questions asked.  Bam!  Suddenly my husband gets a job offer for a temporary job, that then turned to a permanent job.  When we said we will sell everything we have to follow you Lord.  God started to send people to our house and they would walk through the house and buy things as they went.

God is amazing and powerful, nothing is to great for God to handle even the craziness of the world.  Remember God is overseeing everything, even the governments of the world.  Maybe we should stop focusing on everything that is wrong with government and start praying for God to bring change and reform to our government.  When you are having struggles with that person at the office, or the family member, maybe you should ask God what he says about the situation.  Then hand over the control to the true authority and let God take care of things his way.

I just can never say enough about the goodness of God and his faithfulness.  I have seen over and over the impossible achieved and I am left with no explanation other than it was God at work.  Open your hearts and cast all your fear and worries at the feet of Jesus.  Let Jesus handle those issues, those struggles, relinquish control.  There are some things that are just flat-out humanly impossible to change, but God can always make changes.

Spiritual Battles

I came to a huge realization tonight that I know many struggle with.  I had been walking for the last 3 months feeling confident as I was advancing ground in one spiritual battle and was blind to the fact that I was losing ground on a different spiritual battle.  That is right we face spiritual battles every day, some of them are very small and easy to stand strong and win the battle.  Other spiritual battles are sneaky like guerrilla fighters in a battle somewhere in South America.

In the battle I was making headway, I was constantly in prayer and I kept repeating and declaring everything that God had told me about the situation.  Now this battle is very personal since it has to do with my Mother who has Alzheimer’s.  Every time I would face a new issue I would pull out my bible and journal.  I would start to pray and then hunt for the things that God had told me about her situation months ago.  I would continually make declarations as I went about my daily tasks.  Standing strong and celebrating my victories big or small.  But I had failed to realize that another struggle I was having was really a spiritual battle that was attacking from the flank.  I had left myself unprotected and vulnerable because I was so focused on the huge battle in regards to my Mother.

What was even more frustrating for me is that it was starting to become clear to me two weeks ago, but I did not dig further to ask Holy Spirit what lies I was believing about myself.  Oh that can be really scary at times to ask.  I went far enough to say yeah I was being attacked by the enemy, but now I am good.  Boy that was another lie, I was believing.  I let this go unchecked and my insecurities started to surface.  I was even to the point where I was questioning whether to stay involved with our Church Youth Group.  The first step is recognizing the spiritual attack, step two is taking action against the spiritual attack.  I had failed to take action other that saying yeah I was having a spiritual battle.

Let me elaborate a little more.  The back story is that I lived most of my life feeling very insecure in who I was.  I always believed that I did not belong, that I did not know how to talk to people, I did not have anything in common with people, that no one would or should like me.  I know it really sounds sad and pathetic.  These things all came from my parents saying I did not measure up, moving a lot in school and so never really making many friends, and not having Jesus in my life.  This is how I lived my life for most of my 50 plus years, these lies helped contribute to failed marriages and relationships.

But things started to change back in 2009 when I met my current husband.  He encouraged me and he saw things in me that I did not see.  Then as we grew in our walk with the Lord, I became more confident.  But the real breakthrough happened back in 2015 when we found our current church.  I started to step out in faith, even though I was uncomfortable and did not think I would fit in.  My confidence grew as I started to make friends with different people at the church.  I even would tell people how I found freedom from shyness and insecurities.  I walked in confidence and I found out that I belonged and I could relate to people.  But even though I walked in confidence I would still have battles every once in a while trying to convince me that I did not belong.  However, in 3 years I had held my ground always going to God when the attacks came.

Then just like that Holy Spirit says it is time to quit working so I can be there for my Mother.  Yes, I was obedient and quit trusting God in all things.  I walked with bold confidence as I found out that she was getting worse and pressed into God when I hit roadblocks.  When her legal affairs were no longer in order, I prayed and made declarations of Gods goodness and that Gods promises are always yes and amen.  Papa God is so good, and he will not forsake us.  When he makes promises to us he will always keep them.  We must learn to be patient and to hold on to our faith and the truth that is written in our bibles.  I know you think ok so you have it all together, but no I did not.

The stronger I was in the battle to get things setup for my Mother, to eventually move her to live with me, the more I became insecure believing that the students in our youth group would no longer need me.  I had lost my confidence with them, and I thought I had lost my connection with them.  The lies were coming at me non-stop.  Things such as you are not needed anymore, the students no longer want to be around you, you have nothing to offer the students.  I even skipped going to Winter Camp with them because I felt they would not need me.

Then last night at youth the truth hit me hard and furious.  Our wonderful Youth Pastor got up and spoke about how she had to battle with insecurities while at Winter Camp.  As I listened to her, it was like she was speaking directly to me.  I heard Holy Spirit saying that is right, you need to remember who you are.  You are a child of God, a beautiful and wonderful daughter.  You were created to breath new life and to plant seeds in the lives of these students.  You were created to show them love with no boundaries.  I suddenly realized that I had been so focused on other things happening that I had almost missed something that was just as important.  I realized that I needed to spend some quality time with God and break off agreements that I had made with the enemy.  I realized that I needed to start speaking life and truth into this part of my life as well.

Sometimes we can feel so confident because of how well we are handling one battle that we are blindsided that there is another battle happening at the same time.  For me it was my personal insecurities.  What battles might be going on in your own life that you have been blindsided about and unknowingly been agreeing with lies from the enemy?  I hope that this helps encourage others in those battles we all face day-to-day.