Fear is a Battering Ram on Your Soul and Spirit

Have you ever just felt that overwhelming fear that does not want to go away?  I am struggling with a fear that just keeps coming at me in waves like a battering ram striking at the innermost part of me my spirit.  I keep speaking out the truth that Jesus is mightier, and that I was not given a spirit of fear.  The fear will subside for a moment, but then it strikes again trying to drive me into a pit of despair.

I can feel it trying to rip at my inner spirit and trying to break down the truths that I know.  I am thankful, that Holy Spirit is right there making declarations of the biblical truths that I know.  As I battle and try to keep my sanity all together in this inner turmoil, it feels like I am sinking but then Jesus says no I have you for you are standing on the rock of truth which is me.  When my eyes are closed I can see this swirling chaos all around me, but I fight to stand strong in this battle.

My encouragement to all is that there will be a time in many of our lives where we all may face similar struggles.  Where fear is trying to convince us that we are falling into a pit of despair that you can not crawl out of.  But this I do know, I was not given a spirit of fear for it is written.  I am a child of God for it is written.  I have been given a sound mind for it is written.

Stand strong my friends and don’t be afraid to fight the spirit of fear.  It tries to mask itself in so many different ways.  A million different scenarios playing in your head of the what if’s.  Or your life will never be the same if you do this.  That may be true, but instead of it being worse it may be better if you are listening to God and following what God is telling you.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to others when you are facing these struggles, your Christian friends can help lift you up in these times.  It is important to have the ones you can go to that will declare Gods truth, and not weigh in with the spirit of fear.

God Can Move a Mountain

Are you facing struggles that seem overwhelming and your mind is twirling around in a million different directions trying to figure out what to do.  Today I was hit with some overwhelming news about my Mother, suddenly all the things I thought I had a year to take care of have been condensed into 2 months or 6 weeks.  My mind started to spin, thinking of all the things I would have to take care of.  It was like waves crashing in on me, or as I told God I felt like I was in quicksand and was sinking quickly wondering how I would get it all done in time.

But in the middle of this storm that was coming at me I took a moment to stop and call on God.  Our wonderful and powerful God that controls the wind and the waves.  Yes God even controls the quicksand and can pull us up out of it onto solid ground again.  I started asking God to pull me out of the quicksand, to take control of the situation, and speaking out the truth that God had told me a few months ago.

You see God has moved many mountains in my life and it has always happened and I have always given God praise.  But I have been facing some stumbling blocks of late until a powerful message at church today.  I was quickly reminded this morning that God has moved my mountains and that it was not a matter if he would move the mountain but when he would move the mountain.  I was reminded that no mountain is to great for my mighty and powerful God.  That my Heavenly Father wants good things for me and he does not throw the mountains in my path, but he does move the mountains in my path.

Our Heavenly Father is loving and after what Jesus suffered on the cross we don’t walk powerless, but rather we walk powerfully.  God does not test us and thrown obstacles in our paths, but when we trust God, and we walk with God, then we walk powerfully.  I am a daughter and this mountain does not have control over me and it certainly is not greater than the name of Jesus.

So, yes I may be struggling with some legal items such as guardianship of my mother and powers of attorney, I will walk strong and I will lean into God when the mountain seems to high.  I will not sink in the quicksand but stand on the solid rock of Jesus in the midst of my struggles.  I know that God is walking this path with me and is like a wrecking ball knocking things out of my way on this journey I am on.

Yes it really is a matter of when the mountain will move, but always trust that God will move the mountain.

Spiritual Battles

I came to a huge realization tonight that I know many struggle with.  I had been walking for the last 3 months feeling confident as I was advancing ground in one spiritual battle and was blind to the fact that I was losing ground on a different spiritual battle.  That is right we face spiritual battles every day, some of them are very small and easy to stand strong and win the battle.  Other spiritual battles are sneaky like guerrilla fighters in a battle somewhere in South America.

In the battle I was making headway, I was constantly in prayer and I kept repeating and declaring everything that God had told me about the situation.  Now this battle is very personal since it has to do with my Mother who has Alzheimer’s.  Every time I would face a new issue I would pull out my bible and journal.  I would start to pray and then hunt for the things that God had told me about her situation months ago.  I would continually make declarations as I went about my daily tasks.  Standing strong and celebrating my victories big or small.  But I had failed to realize that another struggle I was having was really a spiritual battle that was attacking from the flank.  I had left myself unprotected and vulnerable because I was so focused on the huge battle in regards to my Mother.

What was even more frustrating for me is that it was starting to become clear to me two weeks ago, but I did not dig further to ask Holy Spirit what lies I was believing about myself.  Oh that can be really scary at times to ask.  I went far enough to say yeah I was being attacked by the enemy, but now I am good.  Boy that was another lie, I was believing.  I let this go unchecked and my insecurities started to surface.  I was even to the point where I was questioning whether to stay involved with our Church Youth Group.  The first step is recognizing the spiritual attack, step two is taking action against the spiritual attack.  I had failed to take action other that saying yeah I was having a spiritual battle.

Let me elaborate a little more.  The back story is that I lived most of my life feeling very insecure in who I was.  I always believed that I did not belong, that I did not know how to talk to people, I did not have anything in common with people, that no one would or should like me.  I know it really sounds sad and pathetic.  These things all came from my parents saying I did not measure up, moving a lot in school and so never really making many friends, and not having Jesus in my life.  This is how I lived my life for most of my 50 plus years, these lies helped contribute to failed marriages and relationships.

But things started to change back in 2009 when I met my current husband.  He encouraged me and he saw things in me that I did not see.  Then as we grew in our walk with the Lord, I became more confident.  But the real breakthrough happened back in 2015 when we found our current church.  I started to step out in faith, even though I was uncomfortable and did not think I would fit in.  My confidence grew as I started to make friends with different people at the church.  I even would tell people how I found freedom from shyness and insecurities.  I walked in confidence and I found out that I belonged and I could relate to people.  But even though I walked in confidence I would still have battles every once in a while trying to convince me that I did not belong.  However, in 3 years I had held my ground always going to God when the attacks came.

Then just like that Holy Spirit says it is time to quit working so I can be there for my Mother.  Yes, I was obedient and quit trusting God in all things.  I walked with bold confidence as I found out that she was getting worse and pressed into God when I hit roadblocks.  When her legal affairs were no longer in order, I prayed and made declarations of Gods goodness and that Gods promises are always yes and amen.  Papa God is so good, and he will not forsake us.  When he makes promises to us he will always keep them.  We must learn to be patient and to hold on to our faith and the truth that is written in our bibles.  I know you think ok so you have it all together, but no I did not.

The stronger I was in the battle to get things setup for my Mother, to eventually move her to live with me, the more I became insecure believing that the students in our youth group would no longer need me.  I had lost my confidence with them, and I thought I had lost my connection with them.  The lies were coming at me non-stop.  Things such as you are not needed anymore, the students no longer want to be around you, you have nothing to offer the students.  I even skipped going to Winter Camp with them because I felt they would not need me.

Then last night at youth the truth hit me hard and furious.  Our wonderful Youth Pastor got up and spoke about how she had to battle with insecurities while at Winter Camp.  As I listened to her, it was like she was speaking directly to me.  I heard Holy Spirit saying that is right, you need to remember who you are.  You are a child of God, a beautiful and wonderful daughter.  You were created to breath new life and to plant seeds in the lives of these students.  You were created to show them love with no boundaries.  I suddenly realized that I had been so focused on other things happening that I had almost missed something that was just as important.  I realized that I needed to spend some quality time with God and break off agreements that I had made with the enemy.  I realized that I needed to start speaking life and truth into this part of my life as well.

Sometimes we can feel so confident because of how well we are handling one battle that we are blindsided that there is another battle happening at the same time.  For me it was my personal insecurities.  What battles might be going on in your own life that you have been blindsided about and unknowingly been agreeing with lies from the enemy?  I hope that this helps encourage others in those battles we all face day-to-day.

I Will Fight

I am a Christian Warrior and you are to.  Everyday of our lives is a battle, not with flesh and blood but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.  Yes we face a battlefield every day.  Are you praying for a family member that is lost to God at the moment?  Maybe you have a family member or a friend that is fighting a terrible illness the list can go on.  Every time we pray we are battling in the spiritual realm for the people we care about.  But we should also be fighting for the people who we don’t even know.  Yes I know it is always easier to pray for someone you know or love, but we are called to fight for the weak, the lost, our governments and so much more.  We all become guilty of focusing on ourselves or our families and friends so don’t beat yourself up.

This is a struggle that I believe all Christians face.  Yes I know some amazing prayer warriors and I so want to be like them.  Don’t get me wrong I spend time praying, but I always feel like I am coming up short.  I don’t know if there are others that may feel the same way.  When we pray it is not a competition, and we don’t have to make long elaborate prayers.  There is just as much power in a simple prayer as a long drawn out prayer.

But I want to remind you that you are already prepared for this battle that comes at us daily.  How do I know this, well remember that as a believer and follower of Christ you have Christ in you.  Yes you have the DNA of God that is intertwined with your spirit.  When we pray we are training for the battle at hand.  You were created to be a strong and  powerful force, and God has equipped us with the armor of God for the battles that we face.

What the Armor of God!!  Yes in Ephesians 6:10-18 it talks about the whole Armor of God that we have at our disposal.  I think that is awesome, for I picture myself as a Mighty Warrior prepared to go to battle and take on the enemy.  The other great thing is that when we go to battle we are not alone.  We always have Jesus and Heaven’s Armies ready to fight with us.  Now I think that is AWESOME.  Now the enemy we have to battle is the Devil and his goal in life is to kill, steal and destroy us.  He is not really strong, but he likes to manipulate, twist the truth, try to make us believe lies about ourselves and our situations.  Be strong and don’t allow the enemy to have the upper hand.

As the warrior of my home and family I am a gatekeeper that should always be ready and prepared.  I need to have my Helmet of salvation on to protect my thoughts.  I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, so I am saved, I am made righteous and my sins are washed away by the blood of Christ.  This helmet is strong and impenetrable, unless you allow the enemy to make a crack in your armor.  Just as in any battle a foothold can suddenly turn into a major strong hold, so when you hear lies coming against you, stop them in their tracks with the truth of what God says about you.  You are a son or daughter of God, you have been adopted into the Heavenly family.  You are righteous because Jesus paid the ultimate price for your life.  Stand your ground, by having a strong foundation in Christ Jesus.  When you really know who Jesus is and you have a strong relationship with Jesus, you form a foundation that will stand the test of time.

Next you put on the belt of truth and the breastplate of righteousness.  For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.  If you don’t have all of the armor on, then you lack protection.  The breastplate protects the heart and vital organs of any warrior.  The belt was used by Roman Soldiers to help support the weight of the armor and to also hold it in place.  This was a wide and mighty belt that they would wear.  Then hold up your shield of Faith to stop the fiery arrows of the enemy.  Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, and now you are equipped.  But that last key piece is pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion.  Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.

God has prepared us for battle and when God leads us into battle it is to win.  Just as God did for the Israelites when they went into the promised land.  When God is leading you it is to win not to lose.  Now going into battle is not always easy, just look at the battles that King David had in the Old Testament.  God never tells us that things are always going to be easy, but God has prepared us to handle the battles of life.  How you handle the battles comes down to choices that you make.  If you just give up then you have let yourself and others down, it was not God that let you down.

When I go to battle it should not only be for myself and my family though.  We should all be battling for changes to happen.  For salvation for the people who don’t know Jesus.  For leaders of the countries to seek God in the decisions that they make.  We should be fighting and praying for healings, and we should be spreading the Good News to advance the kingdom.  When you battle don’t be afraid to ask for a blessing from God along the way.  Look at Jacob he wrestled with God all night, but then before God left he asked for a blessing and received it.  Be brave and don’t let fear stop you or hold you back.  God has made you a brave and mighty warrior a force to be reckoned with.  Remember Jesus has already won the battle.  Stand strong my Mighty Christian Warriors.



The Kingdom of God

Do you think that the Kingdom of God is something that you might see someday in Heaven?  Let me share this amazing truth, when Jesus came to earth and was born as a Son of Man, he brought Heaven to Earth.  The Kingdom of God is all around us.  It is not small but instead it encompasses the Universe and beyond, for God holds everything in his hands.

Today at church I was reminded that in the gospels Jesus spoke of the importance of seeking the Kingdom of God 126 times.  Now that shows me that it is something that Jesus felt we really needed to know about.  We are reminded every time to seek the Kingdom of God first.  How do you seek the Kingdom of God, you ask.  You can start with praying and making declarations, get in Gods word and look for what God has to say.  Remember that the name of Jesus is greater than anything that comes against it.  Nothing can even conquer the name of Jesus.  Jesus has all authority, and we can trust him on all things.

I began to think long and hard about what priorities are in my life.  Am I letting fear and worry take control over my life, or maybe anxiety or depression is something that you may be struggling with.  I started to think which kingdom am I seeking in the middle of my struggles as I go through the day.  Am I seeking the Kingdom of God, or instead my own private Kingdom that is not very great.  This made me delve even deeper into my thoughts on what I am doing.  I realized as I listened to the message at church that when I allow worry or fear to overtake my life, I have given power to the lies that God does not know what my struggles are and God can’t help me.  That was an eye opener for me.

I began to realize that the Kingdom of God should permeate all aspects of my life.  When I heal the outside by shifting my focus it heals the inside.  I began to think about the truths that the bible tells me about Papa God.

  • I am chosen
  • My Heavenly Father loves me and wants the best for me
  • God knows my life before I know my life, but because of free will my choices dictate how it works out
  • When I pray God already knows the desires of my heart, but he wants to hear from me.

As I was thinking about these things, Holy Spirit reminded me that God was already working in my life.  I was reminded of God telling me to cast all fear and worry at the feet of Jesus in a family situation I am dealing with.  I had already experienced a change in my perspective when I had done just that.  When I had shifted my focus on God the problems that I was facing were not as large.  I had found myself speaking out how mighty and powerful our Lord is.  The other thing I realized is that when I start speaking  the truth of God, I tend to become loud, it is as if I want to make sure that the enemy hears the truth.  But instead maybe it is that I want to really empower my spirit within, for I know that I begin to feel more confident and bolder.

My encouragement to all is to seek the Kingdom of God in all things, great or small.  Thank him for breathing breath into your lungs, for the roof over your head, that you have another day on earth.  The list can go on and on, but nothing is too small to take to God.  When we seek the Kingdom of God, we discover the Glory of God all around us.  We can look into the sky and see Gods Glory looking down on us.  We begin to see Gods tender mercies around us.  The fogginess in our lenses we are looking through changes and something new is revealed to us.

I don’t know about you, but my way is not better than Gods way.  My way tends to have a lot of bumps and bruises that happen.  I can begin to feel like the world is going to crash in around me.  But with complete confidence I can say that when I shift my focus from what is happening to seeking the Kingdom of God, it all changes.  No the problem is not resolved instantly, but I have faith and trust in the Lord Almighty that he is taking care of the situation.  Yes I still have to be diligent in the things that I need to do, but I don’t have to be weighted down with a ton of bricks while I am doing it.  When I have a change in my priority I have an internal shift as well.

My encouragement to everyone is to find time in your day to always seek the Kingdom of God.  As you do this you will have joy in your heart, you will encounter the Glory of God around you, a peace will wash over you.  I have found it to be life changing and I am praying that it will be life changing for you as well.



Revelation or Unveiling

As I was looking at my bible reading plan for the last few days of 2017, I realized that it was going to re-reading the book of Revelation. I gave a big sigh and made a comment to my husband about how I get discouraged as I read the book of Revelation. But then I had a heart check as I started to think of how my reading of the other 65 books of the bible are easy and I look forward to them. I thought about everything that I have learned as I have read over and over different parts of the bible during the last two years and I have grown spiritually because of that. I quickly felt foolish for thinking that I would not gleam more about Jesus in Revelation as well.

Fast forward to this morning as I read the first 4 chapters of Revelation. I found myself re-reading verses and then talking to my husband about what they said. I was having one aha moment after another. So, then I decided to take it a step farther and I started to also read it in the Passion Translation. What is great about the Passion Translation is that you get some history behind each book before you read and then it goes in to explanation of the actual words that were used in the original scrolls. My heart started to come alive with a new hunger and thirst to discover more about my wonderful Jesus.

As I delved into all this reading I came to realize that Revelation does not mean death and destruction. It instead means UNVEILING, that just makes my heart sing. At the thought of Jesus unveiling more about his kingdom, who he really is and just what he has accomplished after he rose to be with God. Did you know that just in the first chapter there are at least three different references to God never-changing? We hear it over and over in Christian songs, but sometimes we fail to truly grasp the magnitude of these words: God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!!! That is right! How important for us to remember no matter what we are going through, God is unchanged, and God is still powerful.

In the first four chapters you read the various letters to the 7 churches, but even though those churches no longer exist, people still exist that are doing the same things. These letters are words that you need to apply to your heart and ask Holy Spirit to help you find the areas you need to change. They tell us of the wonderful gifts that Jesus has for us when we repent from the things that are not Godly. They show us a picture into how beautiful it really is in the throne room; just how powerful and mighty God is. It reminds us that we have been made children of God. That we were chosen, and that Jesus wants to give us so much more than we can imagine. True wealth does not mean money riches, but rather spiritual riches. I myself am not rich; however, I am rich beyond measure spiritually. God has opened my heart and revealed so much to me already, and I know there is more to come.

I have come to realize that Jesus is always chasing after us, he is waiting with his hand outstretched just asking us to grab a hold and follow him. Open up your hearts and minds so that you can discover this wonderful Jesus and the mighty Kingdom of Heaven. When you open your heart to follow Jesus just like the disciples did thousands of years ago, you will have your life transformed. Take the time to read the book of Revelation with your heart in a different place. When you read with expectation that God will reveal more to you, it will happen, the bible will come alive as it speaks to you and transforms your life.