Hi I am a follower of Jesus and my name is Lorrie.  I grew up in a non-christian home, but my parents taught me good morals and values.  When I was 19 I received Jesus and I was baptised.  The one big fail was that no one mentored me at that time.  It was like ok I received Jesus, but now what do I do.  The people around me told me to read revelation and did not give me much more guidance.  It was like I was left to wander not sure of anything.  So I went through life as a believer, but nothing more.

What that looked like was going through life living in the world.  I was good for the most part and I worked hard.  I had trouble with drugs from the age of 16 until I was 21.  I was kicked out of the house at 18 because I thought I was an adult and thought I knew everything.  I moved in with a boyfriend and spent the next 2 years staying with my boyfriends mom for a while and then we traveled across country twice.  Drugs were a part of our life, but I would work jobs to make ends meet.  For me I always tried to make the priorities things such as food, shelter, necessities and if there was money left that was for cigarettes and drugs.  My boyfriend at the time was not the same way and was also a very violent indidivual.

Those first few years were hard, I even lived out of a car for a while when I was in Riverside, California.  I was working graveyard at a nursing home, and in the early 80’s even with a job we could not afford rent.  So I would go to work and then walk back to where we had the car parked.  It was a hard life, but I grew up during that time.  But while I was living this messed up crazy life, I heard a voice one day.  That voice said this is not who you are, this is not the life you are supposed to live.  I stopped what I was doing and walked away from that life. But I was still not living for God and it was not until 30 years later that I realized that voice was God talking to me.

So fast forward through two failed marriages, and a couple of failed live in relationships.  I had a good job, but my personal life just sucked, I kept getting with guys that were alcoholics, or abusive, or worse both.  So in 2005 I bought a house and just stopped dating.  I spent all of my time either working or at home with my dogs and cats.  I really isolated myself from everything because at that time I was still a very shy person, so I stayed away from people.  But I healed my inner self during that time.  But 2008 is when I had the most life changing things happen to me.

That is when I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, that I determined had to do with drug use when I was 18 to 20.  I felt like the weight of the world had fallen on me.  But I started to reach out to God, and I started to talk to God about everything that was going on in my life.  My bad choices in men, how was I going to work and go through treatment, how was I going to pay for treatment.  There were all kinds of things running through my mind.  But I found that as I talked to God about my fears, God gave me answers and showed me solutions.  God gave me strength to be able to work during the 6 months I was doing my treatment, even though I was exhausted at night.  God blessed me with good insurance that paid most of the $20,000 for treatment.  In fact God healed me in 6 weeks from the start of my treatment.  Yeah God!!!!!

As my relationship with God changed my life began to change.  In 2009 I met a wonderful man that is now my husband.  He had past hurts and was never going to get married again, but I took it day by day.  Taking my fears and hurts to God instead of to my man.  If I would have taken my fears to my husband in those first couple of years he would have ran like a scared cat and I knew that.  So I prayed for him, and I talked all the time with God.  I watched God change his heart and also change mine.  I was no longer a jealous, fearful person.  Instead, I was becoming strong and I watched the walls get torn down in my husband.  It took 5 years of prayer before we got married, but God changed us both.

Since my husband and I got married God has taken us on a roller coaster of a trip.  We trust God with everything, but that will be another story later on.  We both rededicated our lives to the Lord in 2014, and now we spend our time when not working reaching out to others to show them the love of Christ Jesus.

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