Fear is a Battering Ram on Your Soul and Spirit

Have you ever just felt that overwhelming fear that does not want to go away?  I am struggling with a fear that just keeps coming at me in waves like a battering ram striking at the innermost part of me my spirit.  I keep speaking out the truth that Jesus is mightier, and that I was not given a spirit of fear.  The fear will subside for a moment, but then it strikes again trying to drive me into a pit of despair.

I can feel it trying to rip at my inner spirit and trying to break down the truths that I know.  I am thankful, that Holy Spirit is right there making declarations of the biblical truths that I know.  As I battle and try to keep my sanity all together in this inner turmoil, it feels like I am sinking but then Jesus says no I have you for you are standing on the rock of truth which is me.  When my eyes are closed I can see this swirling chaos all around me, but I fight to stand strong in this battle.

My encouragement to all is that there will be a time in many of our lives where we all may face similar struggles.  Where fear is trying to convince us that we are falling into a pit of despair that you can not crawl out of.  But this I do know, I was not given a spirit of fear for it is written.  I am a child of God for it is written.  I have been given a sound mind for it is written.

Stand strong my friends and don’t be afraid to fight the spirit of fear.  It tries to mask itself in so many different ways.  A million different scenarios playing in your head of the what if’s.  Or your life will never be the same if you do this.  That may be true, but instead of it being worse it may be better if you are listening to God and following what God is telling you.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to others when you are facing these struggles, your Christian friends can help lift you up in these times.  It is important to have the ones you can go to that will declare Gods truth, and not weigh in with the spirit of fear.

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