The Complexity of God

As I was sitting in the office of an Orthopedic Doctor looking at the posters of muscles and bones and the joints, I found myself in conversation with God. As I looked at the image of a knee joint, I thought of all the details that God thought about before we were created. When you stop and think about the true makeup of the human body you realize that only a divine and powerful God could create something so complex and detailed.


When you take time to think about it, the human body is so complex and profound. There is cartilage, tendons, ligaments that hold the bones together as they anchor the muscle to the bone. Then it caused me to think about how our brain tells our eyes what to do, powers our joints without any thought. When you want to reach for something, you just automatically reach without any real thought about what the body must do. The heart beats because of the superhighway of signals that the brain sends out.


You might think that you don’t matter or feel unloved. But I want to tell you that you do matter to the Creator himself, our Almighty God. The bible tells us that we are formed in the womb by his hands. A few years ago, I saw this beautiful picture that God revealed to me. It was a craftsman that loved what he created and was singing as he worked. The Craftsman was God at work creating that beautiful life in the womb. There was thought put into the color your hair would be, the color of your eyes, how tall you would be. The bones were formed and then the connective tissue of muscle, tendons and ligaments was added. Thought was put into your future and the plans that God has for you.


Then take it a step further as you look at the rest of creation. I find it fascinating when I learn new details about the animal kingdom, for I see a creator that cares about every aspect of creation. I listened to someone explain how a deer sees, and I was in awe of all that God does and thinks about as I listened. For just as much detail was put into creating a deer as to create human life. God thought of how to help animals blend with their environment to hide. Or to help a new fawn live, they have no scent for 10 days.


So, when you start looking at how much God cares about all creation, and how he takes care of the details for the birds of the air, the fish in the sea, or the wildlife we co-exist with. They do not worry about shelter for God provides them what they need, they do not worry about food for God takes care of it for them. They do not worry about tomorrow for God has them focus on today.


Our God is a God that cares about the details as well as the big picture. He looks at things from a different perspective than we do as humans. For God sees beauty in all creation. God is creativity that is fun and complex. I know God must have a sense of humor for some of the interesting animals that he created, yet he has an eye for color and detail.


As you take in the full grasp of how God placed the stars in the sky, the perfect tilt of the Earth, the sun and moon exactly where they needed to be. It shows the intent and love for creation that God has. We do not have a God that hates us, instead we have a God that wants to call us his children. We have a Heavenly Father that is so much better than many earthly Fathers. He wants to know how your day went good or bad. He cares about the moments you are frustrated or just feel beaten down. The beauty is that even when we feel the worst God is there to hold us close and give us comfort, to pick us up and share wisdom so we can do better tomorrow. God doesn’t care whether you have makeup on, or your hair is perfect. He just cares about you.

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