Revelation or Unveiling

As I was looking at my bible reading plan for the last few days of 2017, I realized that it was going to re-reading the book of Revelation. I gave a big sigh and made a comment to my husband about how I get discouraged as I read the book of Revelation. But then I had a heart check as I started to think of how my reading of the other 65 books of the bible are easy and I look forward to them. I thought about everything that I have learned as I have read over and over different parts of the bible during the last two years and I have grown spiritually because of that. I quickly felt foolish for thinking that I would not gleam more about Jesus in Revelation as well.

Fast forward to this morning as I read the first 4 chapters of Revelation. I found myself re-reading verses and then talking to my husband about what they said. I was having one aha moment after another. So, then I decided to take it a step farther and I started to also read it in the Passion Translation. What is great about the Passion Translation is that you get some history behind each book before you read and then it goes in to explanation of the actual words that were used in the original scrolls. My heart started to come alive with a new hunger and thirst to discover more about my wonderful Jesus.

As I delved into all this reading I came to realize that Revelation does not mean death and destruction. It instead means UNVEILING, that just makes my heart sing. At the thought of Jesus unveiling more about his kingdom, who he really is and just what he has accomplished after he rose to be with God. Did you know that just in the first chapter there are at least three different references to God never-changing? We hear it over and over in Christian songs, but sometimes we fail to truly grasp the magnitude of these words: God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!!! That is right! How important for us to remember no matter what we are going through, God is unchanged, and God is still powerful.

In the first four chapters you read the various letters to the 7 churches, but even though those churches no longer exist, people still exist that are doing the same things. These letters are words that you need to apply to your heart and ask Holy Spirit to help you find the areas you need to change. They tell us of the wonderful gifts that Jesus has for us when we repent from the things that are not Godly. They show us a picture into how beautiful it really is in the throne room; just how powerful and mighty God is. It reminds us that we have been made children of God. That we were chosen, and that Jesus wants to give us so much more than we can imagine. True wealth does not mean money riches, but rather spiritual riches. I myself am not rich; however, I am rich beyond measure spiritually. God has opened my heart and revealed so much to me already, and I know there is more to come.

I have come to realize that Jesus is always chasing after us, he is waiting with his hand outstretched just asking us to grab a hold and follow him. Open up your hearts and minds so that you can discover this wonderful Jesus and the mighty Kingdom of Heaven. When you open your heart to follow Jesus just like the disciples did thousands of years ago, you will have your life transformed. Take the time to read the book of Revelation with your heart in a different place. When you read with expectation that God will reveal more to you, it will happen, the bible will come alive as it speaks to you and transforms your life.

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