The Kingdom of God

Do you think that the Kingdom of God is something that you might see someday in Heaven?  Let me share this amazing truth, when Jesus came to earth and was born as a Son of Man, he brought Heaven to Earth.  The Kingdom of God is all around us.  It is not small but instead it encompasses the Universe and beyond, for God holds everything in his hands.

Today at church I was reminded that in the gospels Jesus spoke of the importance of seeking the Kingdom of God 126 times.  Now that shows me that it is something that Jesus felt we really needed to know about.  We are reminded every time to seek the Kingdom of God first.  How do you seek the Kingdom of God, you ask.  You can start with praying and making declarations, get in Gods word and look for what God has to say.  Remember that the name of Jesus is greater than anything that comes against it.  Nothing can even conquer the name of Jesus.  Jesus has all authority, and we can trust him on all things.

I began to think long and hard about what priorities are in my life.  Am I letting fear and worry take control over my life, or maybe anxiety or depression is something that you may be struggling with.  I started to think which kingdom am I seeking in the middle of my struggles as I go through the day.  Am I seeking the Kingdom of God, or instead my own private Kingdom that is not very great.  This made me delve even deeper into my thoughts on what I am doing.  I realized as I listened to the message at church that when I allow worry or fear to overtake my life, I have given power to the lies that God does not know what my struggles are and God can’t help me.  That was an eye opener for me.

I began to realize that the Kingdom of God should permeate all aspects of my life.  When I heal the outside by shifting my focus it heals the inside.  I began to think about the truths that the bible tells me about Papa God.

  • I am chosen
  • My Heavenly Father loves me and wants the best for me
  • God knows my life before I know my life, but because of free will my choices dictate how it works out
  • When I pray God already knows the desires of my heart, but he wants to hear from me.

As I was thinking about these things, Holy Spirit reminded me that God was already working in my life.  I was reminded of God telling me to cast all fear and worry at the feet of Jesus in a family situation I am dealing with.  I had already experienced a change in my perspective when I had done just that.  When I had shifted my focus on God the problems that I was facing were not as large.  I had found myself speaking out how mighty and powerful our Lord is.  The other thing I realized is that when I start speaking  the truth of God, I tend to become loud, it is as if I want to make sure that the enemy hears the truth.  But instead maybe it is that I want to really empower my spirit within, for I know that I begin to feel more confident and bolder.

My encouragement to all is to seek the Kingdom of God in all things, great or small.  Thank him for breathing breath into your lungs, for the roof over your head, that you have another day on earth.  The list can go on and on, but nothing is too small to take to God.  When we seek the Kingdom of God, we discover the Glory of God all around us.  We can look into the sky and see Gods Glory looking down on us.  We begin to see Gods tender mercies around us.  The fogginess in our lenses we are looking through changes and something new is revealed to us.

I don’t know about you, but my way is not better than Gods way.  My way tends to have a lot of bumps and bruises that happen.  I can begin to feel like the world is going to crash in around me.  But with complete confidence I can say that when I shift my focus from what is happening to seeking the Kingdom of God, it all changes.  No the problem is not resolved instantly, but I have faith and trust in the Lord Almighty that he is taking care of the situation.  Yes I still have to be diligent in the things that I need to do, but I don’t have to be weighted down with a ton of bricks while I am doing it.  When I have a change in my priority I have an internal shift as well.

My encouragement to everyone is to find time in your day to always seek the Kingdom of God.  As you do this you will have joy in your heart, you will encounter the Glory of God around you, a peace will wash over you.  I have found it to be life changing and I am praying that it will be life changing for you as well.



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